Well, technically we are a bunch of sign, design and brand experts who work together to create the best and most affordable signage and print solutions at the coast. We wanted to create a business with one simple goal - provide the absolute best signage experience out there. To do that, we had to work at it for years, fine tune our business and partner with right people. We can now offer superior customer service and produce the highest quality signs using the best materials.

We feel strongly about offering our customers more than just great signage and amazing customer service--we aim to educate and inform our users on all things related to signs. We want to help you find new ways to attract customers for your own business and learn best practices when creating signage.


Our mission is to lead the industry in visual communications by delivering high quality products through a superior experience.



Exceed Customer Expectations

Facilitate Customer Happiness
Live the Highest Ethical Standards Exhibit Passion, Energy & Determination
Pursue Growth & Learning

Exude Humility
All while remaining affordable

Signworld has a long and distinguished history providing signs, banners, branding, custom auto graphics,design services and fast, friendly customer service to the Namibian coastal areas. The difference between just making a sign and designing appropriate display that helps your project achieve success is the advantage Signworld brings to every project through skilled craftsmanship, innovative and effective design concepts, and years of experience.